We are almost finished with building your new Funnytowers with exciting new features.

All existing members will get an invite for the new Funnytowers for a free a full membership with free playing money!

Be sure to create a free account before we launch the new and improved Funnytowers to receive an invite for the new Funnytowers.

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Sorry about the championship

We are sorry but at this moment it is not possible to participate in the Funnytowers card game championship from within your country. You can play the free funnytowers game in fun mode or play one of our other free games.

The championship

Every week we organise the big online Funnytowers championship in which the best will win the jackpot.

The Funnytowers Jackpot increases everytime someone plays in championship mode. When you apply for a highscore you will be asked to fill in your chosen name. At the end of each calendar week and you are still nr. 1, you will receive the Jackpot *. Players in second place will also receive a share of the Jackpot. All players in the top 100 list have an equal chance to win the consolation prize.

The winner of the Weekly Jackpot prize will receive 50% of the value of the Jackpot at the end of each calendar week. 20% of the value will be payed to the player in second position and 10% will be payed to a random player in the top 100. 20% will be put back into the jackpot for the next week.
If we can't reach one of the winners for a period longer than 1 week the price will go to the next player and it will not be possible to reclaim the price. If we have reason to believe that someone did cheat or attempted to cheat we have the right to disqualify all players playing at that ip address and/or using that phone without discusion or explanation and remove their name from the highscore list.

win the jackpot

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